Wood Floor Resurfacing

The process of screen and coat (or buff and coat) is quite different from sanding and refinishing. Refinishing is the process where all finish is removed and floor is sanded to reveal a new layer of raw wood. A screen and coat however is a one day process where wood floors are lightly buffed and a fresh layer of finish applied. Screen and coat is more cost effective than sanding and refinishing. A screen and coat will not remove deep scratches, stains, or dents. It is usually recommended for dull floors that are in good shape. Screen and coats should be done as maintenance every couple of years to floors that have been recently sanded.

1. Saves money. It’ll cost you much less than traditional refinishing.
2. Instantly adds value to your home. This is important, especially when you sell.
3. Time saving. Most project can be done in a few hours.
4. Final finish is long-lasting polyurethane. Choice of gloss, semi-gloss or satin.
5. Properly sealed hardwood floors withstand heavy traffic, make cleaning easier and harbor fewer dust.
6. There is no mess or airborne dust particles.
7. There is no mess or airborne dust particles.
8. Nicks and scratches in your floors are gently buffed without sanding away precious wood.