Floor refinishing is an inexpensive way of bringing back the original look to your old floors. Hardwood floors last a long time, but as years go by they lose their original beauty and that’s when floor sanding and refinishing companies like Perfect Floor Chicago come into play. Also with time you wood floors loose their shine. Perfect Floor Chicago provides refinishing services in the Chicagoland area. With over a 20 years of experience, we have worked on all types of wood floors and species and seen it all. As our clients, our goal is to make sure we provide you with the best results so you are 100% satisfied with every job we do. 

Are your wood floor looking old, broken or worn out, well if so we will take care of it and bring them back to life. Perfect Floor Chicago provides exclusive floor sanding and refinishing service for any type of wood floor or specie. We use all environmental safe water based high quality finishing products. We also sand your floors to give them its finishing touch. The sanding process we use is highly effective and even dustless. We are a qualified team of professionals that are capable of repairing anything you throw at us. 

Perfect Floor Chicago believes having exclusive and exotic flooring is a good way to increase value of your living space. We even had a client tell us how he is raising prices of his living spaces because he got all of them redone by us. Check out the full review on Thumbtack. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of your old wood floors, instead, call us and we will provide an estimate and guide you with the best advice for your flooring. The floor refinishing procedure followed by Perfect Floor Chicago is constantly enhanced to produce effective results. Don’t wait any longer, call or contact Perfect Floor Chicago for a free estimate on what you are wanting to get done.



Perfect Floor Chicago can stain your floors to any color of your choice. To give you some info on some different stains, brown-tone stains are one of the most common. The price range for these add cost and also require about three days to dry. Pastel or white stains also require three days of dry time and are more expensive than brown-tone stains. Whichever stain you are looking to get done we will provide you with more details and the best service for your stain. 

Perfect Floor Chicago has plenty of experience matching stains to existing wood. We have some floor samples of the different stains you can choose from. These samples can show a pre stained floor to get an idea of what the finished results will look like. It is very important when selecting your floor stains because once the stain is applied it can’t be lightened or darkened.

If you are unsure which stain to get for your floors or just need further information on staining, contact us and speak with a floor advisor for an extended explanation or recommendation.